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    With our Sink Float technology, we achieve precise density-based separation to extract valuable metals from waste materials.

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Sink float: Efficient Density-Based Separation

At QR Metals, we employ cutting-edge Sink Float Technology as a critical part of our metal recovery. This technique uses a media with a high specific gravity, allowing lighter density particles such as Aluminium and minerals to float to the surface. Denser particles sink within the media.

What sets this method apart is its ability to seperate particles based on density, regardless of their size, similar to how cork behaves in water. Whether it is as small as a pea or as substantial as an ingot, our Sink Float technology ensures that each particle reacts according to its specific density.

Once the density separation has taken place, the light particles, including Aluminium and minerals, are further separated by Eddy Currents. NFc undergoes a comprehensive process, including washing, Dense Media separation, eddy current, and drying. Oversized NFc material are sorted by hand to ensure maximum quality and recovery.

The result of these advanced techniques is a range of high-quality recovered metals and minerals, including Aluminium, heavy metals, stainless steel, copper/brass, irony copper, ferrous metals, and minerals. 

At QR Metals, we're dedicated to employing innovative technologies like Sink Float to achieve the highest standards in metal recycling, making a significant impact in promoting sustainability and responsible resource management.