• Minerals

    Our commitment to sustainable practices and precision processing sets the stage for exceptional mineral products.


Recycling Efficiency: Minerals

Our finely processed minerals are meticulously processed, ensuring they meet the quality standard required for use in various applications. We offer a broad range of particle sizes, allowing for flexibility in different concrete mixtures and infrastructure needs.


The minerals from QR Metals Netherlands are washed, and can be reused in different concrete products. The minerals are tested regularly by independent auditors and the products created from these minerals are certified (Komo certificate).


  • Size: 1-4 mm
    Application: Applied across various industries
  • Size: 4-12mm
    Application: Infrastructure, Tiles
  • Size: 12+ mm
    Application: Infrastructure


Useful information

In our pursuit of precision, we extract minerals alongside metals during the recovery process, promoting resource efficiency and diverse application use.

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