• Jig

    With our Jig Technology, we use pulsating water to efficiently separate heavy and light particles, enhancing metal recovery.

Jig Technology: Pulsating Water for Heavy and Light Metal Separation

At QR Metals, our commitment to advanced resource recovery extends to the implementation of jig technology. Jig technology employs a dynamic approach, using pulsating water beds to bring the particles in suspension. By pulsating the water multiple times, it allows heavy particles such as copper, gold, silver, and more, to sink down, while their lighter particles float on top.

This creates two distinct layers within the material - one enriched with heavy metals and the other lighter particles like Aluminium and minerals. The light particles undergo further refinement through the application of Eddy Currents, resulting in two distinct product streams. The first stream comprises high-quality aluminium, ready to be supplied to Aluminium smelters for various applications. The second stream is a mineral mixture with a purity suitable for use in a wide range of concrete products.

The NFc goes through a comprehensive process that includes washing, sieving, pulsing gravity separation, and then into Eddy Currents and sensor sorting. 

The outcome of this process is a selection of high-quality recovered metals and minerals, including Aluminium, heavy metals, and valuable minerals.