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    With decades of experience and knowledge in the metal industry, we combine innovative technology with sustainable best practices to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals from incinerator bottom ash.

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    We value each supplier's unique offering, creating a long-term partnership based on trust and shared growth. Check out our diverse services and join our global supplier network.

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Tackling Environmental Challenges with
Secondary Resources

As the demand of primary resources continues to rise, collectively we must work together to divert waste from landfills and advance the circular economy. The exploration, construction, and operation of primary mining around the world puts substantial pressure on the environment, whilst huge quantities of metals are lost in waste and end up in landfill. Advances across the waste management industry, combined with technological innovations, have led us to today, where we can more efficiently transform so-called waste into valuable resources.

The challenge in the metal separation and recycling industry is twofold: achieving a high degree of accuracy in separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals from incinerator bottom ash, and doing so in a way that is both sustainable and limits environmental impact. QR Metals rises to this challenge by combining innovative technology with traditional methods, ensuring reliable results that cater to the needs of our valuable partners.


Your Materials, Our Expertise

At QR Metals, our commitment to environmental sustainability goes hand in hand with our dedication to building strong partnerships. Our suppliers, essential partners in this journey, bring unique offerings and expertise that are integral to the success of our mission, minimising waste and preserving resources. Discover our services to learn more about how we can collaborate together to impact the world of metal recovery.


Sustainability: Our
Core Commitment

At QR Metals, we recognize the importance of sustainability in our value chain. Our commitment to reducing environmental impacts is reflected in our processes, which contributes to a significant increase in the recycling of materials. By increasing the recovery of metals and reducing waste to landfill, we contribute to a more sustainable future. Furthermore, we are working closely with our partners to improve and maintain sustainable business practices along our supply chain.


Why QR Metals

High Quality Products

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality metal recycling solutions, meeting industry standards and client expectations.

Innovative Technology

We use advanced technologies, ensuring efficient and environmentally conscious processes.

Expert Team

Our skilled and knowledgeable team of experts work hard to find a solution that suits your needs.

Sustainable Practices

QR Metals is committed to environmental responsibility, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions and making a vital contribution to the circular economy.

Global Presence

As a European leader in metal recycling, we have a strong global presence, ensuring reliable services and partnerships worldwide.

Our products

Where we operate

QR Metals operates globally, with key facilities in the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany. Our strategic locations enable us to provide efficient, sustainable metal recycling solutions to a diverse range of suppliers and customers around the world.

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